Female artist Zemer Peled creates new series of “blooming” sculptures from fine assorted ceramic shards. The pieces shown here, include her continued use of blue cobalt found in traditional Japanese pottery that has been smashed with a hammer and arranged in the form of large blossoms. Peled also constructs much larger cactus-like pieces that can tower several feet tall or even span floor to ceiling.

This exhibition can be viewed at the COLLECT Art Fair in London, represented by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery. If you are interested in this artist’s work, you can see several more new blooms in her portfolio.

hero4Bunch_of_shards1_1 Bunch_of_shards1_4 Bunch_of_shards2_3 Bunch_of_shards2_5 Everything_auspicious_1- Everything_auspicious_4 Everything_auspicious_6

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