The chilly weather and the piles of snow that come along the winter period might be great for having fun, especially for the young kids who love chasing around, throwing snowballs, and building snowman. However, this season might be quite a different experience for the adults who find shoveling the piles of snow tiring and nerve-racking. 

Having done this, I know how the low temperatures only add to the difficulty of the task. Plus if you are to clear the path to your place you have to be really fit because to heave that much snow with a single metal shovel takes a lot of physical strength to be put in it. 

I don’t even want to think how this exhausting activity could be done by disabled people or the elderly who can easily get stuck in the blocked and impassable paths and driveways. 

Facebook/Daniel Medina

Daniel Medina and his family live in the area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where winters can be harsh and with heavy snowfall. Driving around the area with his two sons aged 6 and 10, they’ve noticed a man who was trying to clear the pass to his home by shoveling the snow. He was in a wheelchair and it was obvious he was struggling. 

What followed was something that reminded Daniel how he is doing parenting the right way. The boys shouted at him to pull over. He was puzzled at first, but then he realized they were willing to help the man. Not many people, especially young kids, would do what these brave little men did. I assume most of them will just feel pity for the guy but still drive right passed him.  

But, Daniel’s children are not like any other. They are compassionate little heroes who give us hopes that the future generations will not be as emotionless as we assume. Their reaction was something that shocked Daniel to his core. He shared what happened next with the Love What Matters page:

Facebook/Daniel Medina

“Proud Dad moment: 

We’re driving down South 60th Street near Morgan, and my two sons…. asked me to pull over because they just saw a guy in a wheelchair trying to shovel his corner lot and they wanted to help.”

Daniel was beaming with pride and was more than happy to pull over and offer a helping hand to the man in need. The three got out of the vehicle and started shoveling as hard as they could. 

There is no weather that cold that could prevent this family from doing the right thing. Daniel is beyond happy to see his boys have such a strong moral compass. 

Facebook/Daniel Medina

Their act of kindness had been seen by many people. We hope every parent out there who gets to witness what the Medinas did will teach their kids they should follow these kids’ example.  

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