Recently published photo of an officer sitting on the floor of the hallway next to a sobbing kid has gone viral and became definition of kindness. The post praising the officer’s act along with the photo was shared by many people on social media.

According to the Phoenix citizen Edna Guerrero who witnessed the scene and posted the story on her Facebook page, this wasn’t the first time for officer Rusty Baubie to show this kind of sympathy and support to those who needed it.

As he noticed the young boy crying loudly, he simply felt the urge to approach and comfort the little guy.

As Edna states in her post, the student “was having a difficult time, was screaming and inconsolably crying, saying sad and negative things about himself.”

Instead of telling the boy off for disturbing the rest of the students with his loud screaming, officer Baubie decided to have a little chat with him so that they could find a solution to whatever was bugging him. As the student continued saying bad things about himself, the officer assured him that everyone can face difficulty in life and that everyone can make a mistake. He tried to offer support and cheer up the crying boy by assuring him that “those mistakes do not define who we are and we just learn from them and move on.”

Edna describes the scene as “tender mercy” and points to the fact that people like officer Baubie are not respected enough for their service and are rarely given the credit they deserve. According to her, that’s the initial reason she decided to share the story with her friends. She says “this officer is one of the many kind hearted that go unnoticed for his good deeds. This officer is the example we all need.” 

Do you believe that we often take the role of officers for granted and we don’t appreciate their efforts enough? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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