Crufts, the annual international canine event that features unique events and competitions is a real pleasure for the eyes, especially for those who adore or own dogs.

This year’s event hosted many different dogs who had a lot to offer to the audience, but as one of the comments says, “It was a Border Collie that stole the show once again.” Well, it is expected from this breed to perform well when it comes to dancing because these dogs are famous for their agility and cleverness.

Falco, the Border Collie performed an absolutely incredible dance routine with his beloved human Lukas Pratschker. They took part in the Heelwork to Music competition. For those who are not familiar with this term, it’s a competitive activity in which participants devise routines, set to music, and perform them with their dogs.

Falco and Lukas brought the wild west into their breathtaking dance show, choosing to perform to the Big and Rich’s song “Fake I.D.” Their moves are sort of amazing and they are in perfect synch all along.

All of the people who watched the dancing duo agree they offered something truly marvelous for the crowd, and some of the comments regarding the performance were, “Wonderful! Lovely partnership between young man and his dog.” Another person adds, “This is great. It’s not often (unless I am mistaken) you get country music with heelwork to music.”

Below is the video of the stunning dancing routine, so feel free to enjoy every second of it.

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