Heroic NYC Fireman Gets Ultimate Father’s Day Surprise

This is the story of two best friends. Vinny and Larry struck up an instant friendship when they met in grade school. They grew up sharing holidays, family events, and Jets games. They even joined the fire department together and became well-respected FDNY lieutenants. But on September 11, 2001, life took a tragic turn, as it did for so many Americans.

Vincent G. Halloran was killed on 9/11 at the age of 43. He was a 20-year veteran, serving as a firefighter with Engine 262 in Queens and with Engine 43 in the Bronx. He was the father of five children and his wife, Marie, was pregnant with their sixth child when he died. Absolutely heartbreaking.

“My dad taught me to stay loyal to my childhood friends,” Larry’s son says — and here’s a man who certainly practiced what he preached.

Lieutenant Larry Mack now has two families. Because when Vinny died, Larry immediately stepped in and took his best friend’s family under his wing. Nevermind the fact Larry already had a wife and two children of his own. Vinny’s six children received the love and care they needed, and his widow is forever grateful to Larry for being an incredible example not only for his own children, but also for hers.

In the video below, Larry is honored not for the amazing work he does at the fire department, but for the work he does at home as the father figure to eight children. Please enjoy, and SHARE this with your friends on Facebook.

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