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This is Our Beautiful World (A Breathtaking collection)

Life is a collection of ‘experiences’. Every moment is followed by another and another.
If we take some time out of our day to open our eyes to the beauty of the ‘natural’ world and all its treasures, we can open our hearts and our minds and begin to ‘experience’ each moment.

The ‘Our Beautiful World’ is a collection of images specifically dedicated to celebrating the beauty of ‘Our’ world. This display is purely and simply designed for the enjoyment of visitors. Every Picture tells a Story and i tried to put feelings into every title and photography. Take the time and Enjoy!

“Each moment of the year has its own beauty, a picture which was never seen before, and which will never be seen again.”


Good morning Asia


Great Wall in China




Rice Harvesting


The Old Ephesus, Efes






The forbidden city

Another day at the offfice


A mongolian nomadic woman at her yurt in Erdene Soum.


Hua Shan Mountain China

Amazing Thailand


The Playground


The Bamboo Forest




The Lion king Profile


Dancing cheek to cheek


Automotive Repair Help and Advice


A Bushveld Death


Dance evangadi hamer tribe at Sunset


The Himba Women-Daily Ritual


Black Rhino Incharge


The Uninvited Guest


Am i cute enough?


Brothers in Malawi


Set Apart


A Member of the salt camel caravan, near Fachi





Aboriginal Snow Warrior


Somewhere in Australia


Happy Australia Day


A Gucci Pillow


Turimetta Beach Sydney Australia


Mamma Koala and Joey


Great Ocean Road Australia Island Archway


In The Moment


New Zeland glacier & photographer


Australia sitting…waiting…wishing.


No one here but us Cows


Melbourne, Australia


Travelers on the beach




Are You Lost?


Aurora Borealis


High Diving Board


Icy Flight


Ice castle


Polar Art Directors


Ice bergs of Antarctica


Weddell Seal


I’ve been framed


Missed Flight :'(


Stairways to Heaven



5.America (North and South)


We all live in America


New York Pigeon


America’s pastime


American Football


Jacksonville Rodeo


These two people have never met nor will they ever


Miami Shades


The Storyteller


Sunset in Canada


Niagara Falls


Central Park NY


Rio de Janeiro Moon


Little peruvian shepherd


Jesuit Missions Church (Bolivia)


Wait On


Pretty Girls Make Graves





Liston Corfu, Greece


Staring at the Sun – London


San Marino


Eastern Europe Trip


Croatian Waterfall Plitvice Lakes


Field of tulips – Netherland


Florence is preparing to sleep


Duraton Canyon


Mont Saint Michel


Manarola in night


Old Town Square -Prague


Menez Mikael


Street Entertainer Firenze-Italia


Beautiful Paris


St.Peter’s Square Rome


Russia, polar region of West Siberia


Stonehenge Study

Source: Flickr

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…