Amazing Aerial Photos of London by Night

Vincent Laforet is a photographer born in Switzerland, who grew up in France and New York City. Earlier this month, he spent two hours in a helicopter at 6,000 feet above London, in order to capture these amazing futuristic views of the metropolis. The photographer’s approach to image processing and perspective creates electrified cityscapes, but perhaps the most significant aspect of the shots is the attention to color and light.

This new series of London photos is part of an ongoing project, featuring similar aerial photos of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Laforet will continue to travel around Europe over the next few weeks with stops in Paris and Berlin. You can see many more photos and read a detailed account of the London photo-shoot on Storehouse. The video below portraits the process of making.

small-bridge LAFORET_D7T5615_AIR_London-2 LAFORET_D7T5615_AIR_London LAFORET_D7T5189_AIR_London LAFORET_D7T3630_AIR_London LAFORET_D7T3343_AIR_London LAFORET_D7T1768_AIR_London

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