Kids do the darndest things and while sometimes we want an explanation as to why, there simply is not one. Whether it’s getting into trouble for attention or simply doing something so sweet it instantly melts your heart, you have to ask yourself whether or not they secretly know what they’re doing. Recently little Payten Foster managed to melt the hearts of millions when a video of her surfaced on the internet. The family never imagined it’d quickly garner so much attention.


One week before the video was taken little Payten was in the hospital fighting for her life. The little girl was gravely sick but thankfully made a safe and quick recovery. Within a week tiny Payten was back to her old ways but it was one particular habit she kept doing over and over again after her release that particularly caught the family’s attention. Payten would not stop singing – and this was no ordinary song she was belting out.


With all the enthusiasm her tiny frame could muster Payten began singing a song of worship titled “Break Every Chain”. The captured footage is absolutely precious as she enthusiastically lifts her hands into the air to give thanks to her Lord and savior. She very clearly worships God with all the strength she has inside. For being so young she also has quite the voice! The sight is adorable to see and with all her enthusiasm we’re sure we’ll see more of this little girl in the future. Watch the angel for yourself in the video below.

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