Adorable Stone Footprints by Iain Blake

These tiny little feet are so cute! In the series Stone Footprints, Scottish photographer Iain Blake places these cheerful stones in fun footprint patterns and paths across his compositions. By adding just five tiny stone “toes” to a larger stone, the inanimate objects become alive with emotion and personality. The playful collection evokes a sense of family and community, sparking a desire to know more about those feet that Blake photographs—about where they have been and where they are going.

Whether the footprints create a moving pathway or form a motionless circle, Blake is able to convey a unique narrative with each strong composition. The next time I’m walking along the beach, I hope I come across a collection of these adorable little feet!


13 Foot Square

Stone Footprints


Follow the line

Stone Footprints


Paw Prints

Stone Footprints


Little Big foot


Family Circle


YingYang Feet


S3x on the beach


United Colours


Follow the Leader


Three in a Bed