They’re Meeting Their Adopted Baby For The 1st Time – Now Watch Dad’s Reaction

Adoptive Parents Meet Their Baby For The First Time

Bruce and Christina beheld their new adopted son Azariah for the first time, and their instant reaction is priceless. Family Life Services Adoption Agency gathered around the new little family to capture their first moments together, and there was not a dry eye in the entire room. Once little Azariah was placed in mom’s arms, dad had a breakdown, and no one could blame him. The anticipation is built over the days longing to see that little face, and the first sight of him caused the deepest joy that could only be expressed through tears.

Christina wrapped her arms around the tiny newborn, and sitting right next to her husband, their lives at that moment would be changed forever in the most wonderful way. Once Bruce was able to take a deep breath, Christina placed their son into his arms, and her seeing him as a father built upon the emotions.

Tears rushed down this new dad’s cheeks, and he buried his face in one hand while holding Azariah in the other. The moment could not have been more precious as Christina leaned towards her two guys and they sat closely as a family.

Baby Azariah's Adoption Placement

Here is a beautiful video clip of adoptive parents, Bruce and Christina, meeting their new son, Azariah, for the first time. This was taken by one of the guests at the placement ceremony. Please keep Azariah's birth family in your prayers.

Posted by Family Life Services Adoption Agency on Thursday, January 14, 2016

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