A remarkable story of a man and his dog in a cave

For 25 years, a man has been living alone in a cave with his dog. Take a look inside the cave now. Check top comment below.


Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most remarkable stories there are. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the filming of this beyond incredible process of digging inside a cave earned an Academy Award nomination for the best documentary. Truly remarkable.

In a high desert of Northern of Mexico, if you listen carefully, you just might hear something more than the wind… it’s the underground sound of a man “obsessed” with creating the extraordinary.

YouTube/ CBS Sunday Morning

Rob Paulette has spent 25 years of his life crafting a cave and turning it into something so special that it takes people’s breath away. His only companion in this remarkable journey has been his loyal dog.

Rob is not a structural engineer, and he’s not an architect, he’s simply a man who has found his passion.

“Most of the wonder that I feel is in the actual making of the cave,” Rob says. “Once they are done I move on.”

YouTube/ CBS Sunday Morning

So far, he has dug a dozen caves, each of which more mesmerizing than the other.

The cave along the Rio Grande river even has power, a wooden floor, and a colorful bathtub with running water.

The only tools he uses are hand tools such as shovels, medics, and scrapers.

YouTube/ CBS Sunday Morning

Until recently, Rob’s work was unknown for most people. Actually, only a handful of his friends knew of his work until his story reached one filmmaker who spent three years following Rob and his journey of creating masterpieces out of caves.

Once the word of these impressive caves spread, people became interested in purchasing them. And yes, they are now being sold through a realtor.

YouTube/ CBS Sunday Morning

To gain further insights into his remarkable endeavor, check out the video below! You are going to be blown out.

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