Brené Brown is a famous author and motivational figure. She’s also happily married. Recently, she shared an flirty encounter on her facebook that surprised her readers.

(Facebook/Brené Brown)

While walking out of the gym after her workout, she found a note on her windshield. The note said, “You are really cute. I am going 2-stepping tonight, if you would like to join me.” And at the very bottom was a phone number, underneath the words, “call me.”

(Facebook/Brené Brown)

Bold move for a stranger, right? Brené was taken aback at first. But when she took a closer look at the note, she recognized the phone number – her husband’s phone number. He had left her the flirty note in the hopes of giving her a laugh.

Do you think it worked? What a fun way to let your wife know you’re thinking of her! Share this cute correspondence with your family and friends!

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