You’ve been dreaming about your honeymoon from the time you were sixteen or even less. Now that you’re married, this is where you can make that a reality!

“It’s hard, let me tell you, to plan a honeymoon. I mean, planning a wedding is hard, but planning a honeymoon is not much easier. Not for us, anyway. We felt as though we had so many options, and so many places we wanted to go, but none of them felt quite right. A honeymoon, so it goes, is supposed to be some sort of exotic, romantic, sun-drenched escape with bottomless piña coladas, the proverbial trip of a lifetime. It’s an exciting proposition to go away like that, with no obligations or agendas. It’s also pretty daunting.”

Molly, Orangette

Do not waste your chance and make your honeymoon really special. Just pick the right destination!


This island paradise beckons you with pristine and sun kissed beaches, peaceful villages and thatch-roofed hideaways. You can relax at the Polynesian spas or go snorkeling or boating with your spouse. The warmth of your Tahitian hosts will linger in your heart as you return home.

“Sooo… are some photos from our AMAZING honeymoon in TAHITI! It was the most wonderful trip of our lives! We got PADI certified for SCUBA diving…we saw SO many cool fish, a plane-wreck, and a couple of boat-wrecks. We also swam with dolphins, took a one-man scooter (with both of us on it!) around the entire island of Moorea, ate amazing meals, and much more. More to come…”

2. ROME …


Talk about amore and it lives in Rome. There’s always a bit of magic in the air in-spite of the crowds and big city life. Here you will find seductive gardens, festive fountains, classical mythology and lots of lady luck. Don’t forget to toss a coin over your shoulder!

Where to stay in Rome?

“Many of travelers mention that being near the spanish steps was a must. and jennifer over at the peak of chic suggested that i stay at the hotel de russie. what a total find. seriously, there couldn’t have been a more perfect place to be.
not only is it located near the legendary spanish steps,but it’s on a narrow street (babuino), loaded with incredible shops and eating venues stretching from the piazza del popolo all the way to the steps.”
Italian honeymoon

3. PARIS …

Need we even say it! This city of light overflows with zest and joy. From rustic to refined you can find it all here. Indulge in whatever risotto is offered to you and relish divine dessert after a scrumptious meal. From the Luxembourg gardens to a sunset cruise Paris reeks of romance.

“We went to the Eiffel after dark armed with a bottle of wine and a sandwich. We managed to find a pretty good spot amid the hundreds of other people lounging on the grass, right smack in the middle of the lawn with just enough space between us and the tower to see it without straining our necks. And as we sipped wine and shared the sandwich, we watched the Eiffel tower light up and sparkle like it had huge diamonds all over it. The crowds oohed and ahhed as they watched this brilliant spectacle. To me it was just one romantic night, a perfect view as I cuddled up to my love.”

Honeymoon Diaries


Head to Kohala on the west coast of the island. You will be met by lush landscapes, alpine meadows, a huge sea mountain and rich rain forests. A feast to the eyes, Kohala offers you a tropical extravaganza. For the adventurous, Kīlauea Volcano crater awaits where you can add Hawaiian goddess Madame Pele to bless your marriage.

“Hawaii is a home of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It has a brilliant wildlife, perfect temperatures and rare volcanic peaks. For me, there’s nothing place in this world can challenge Hawaii especially the sandy beaches and beautiful ocean views. Even this only some part of Hawaii that I know, but it’s also an ideal destination for many people. No wonder thousands of tourists came to this beautiful land every year.”

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5. INDIA …

From the Taj Mahal the monument of love to the backwater houseboats in Kerala, India promises you an ethnic honeymoon fit for a queen. Of elephants, history, art and culture this intriguing land will give you memories to cherish for many years to come. You can party on the beaches of Goa or ski the slopes as Manali- the options are all available for you to enjoy.

“I visited India two years ago as part of my honeymoon trip. Initially I wasn’t that interested, but my wife persuaded me. It turned out to be one of the richest experiences I’ve ever had. India is intense, in your face, charming, exhausting, magnificent, and utterly unforgettable.”

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Calypso music, Bahamian Goombay, historical settings, rocking nightlife and coral reefs- what more could you want? Eighteenth century villages and an abundance of culture can all been seen in the Bahamas. You can rent a sea facing cottage on a beautiful beach and treasure the moments as they fly by.

“The secluded beaches of Atlantis Paradise Island are an Places for a RomanticHoneymoon …” href=””>ideal place for honeymoon couples. Here you can also go in casinos, or enjoy water slides and spa services. Nassau Paradise Island is another exotic island located in Bahamas.”

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Get away from it all and find time together on a Caribbean cruise. You can experience life on the high seas along with all the comforts of a 5 star hotel. You will sail past some of the most beautiful islands on earth. You can even experience their culture and listen to folklore before you continue with your journey!

“There is nothing more romantic than sailing away together into a golden sunset. Plus secluded island beaches, dining on a balcony overlooking the ocean and spa services for two are just some of the romantic pursuits available. Most cruise lineshave special add-on packages to make it an even more romantic honeymoon. Plus, cruises provide the most elegant environment without sacrificing a casual atmosphere.”
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