Blogging isn’t a rodeo for everyone. Many people may be considering blogging, but aren’t sure where to start with it. I decided I’d put together somethings I think you should consider before committing to blogging.

1) Honesty

Given the nature of the internet it is very easy to see through things that are fake. Most bloggers do not have PR, media training or anything of the sort to teach them how to deal with putting themselves out there. Similarly when you start up your blog, you probably won’t either. Be true to yourself, and your voice and write about things you enjoy. Your readers will be able to read right through the 3 page post you did on a 99 cent electric backscratcher you were sponsored to write about from Ebay. We can see right through the fake excitement, regardless of how many exclamation points you use. Stay honest with your readers.

2) Consistency 

I know this one can be tricky, and I struggle with staying consistent in all aspects of my life. But consistency is so important. If you went to a blog that hadn’t posted in a month or two would you stay on it for very long? Probably not. And you certainly wouldn’t bother following it. What would be the point? When you start up your blog you want your readers to be able to trust that you will have posts for them. You want them to be able to depend on you for not only good, but regular content.

3) Good Content…Duh. 

What is “Good” content you may be asking? Well that’s based on your judgement and the readership you want to attract. Going slightly against what I just wrote, put time and thought into your posts before you post. Don’t post something just for the sake of regularity. If you aren’t proud of what you’ve written, and aren’t enthusiastic about publishing it, it’s not good.

4) Photos

This may just be my opinion, but I think adding pictures to a post makes all the difference. A long post with no pictures can feel a bit like reading a text book, or a long news story. Add a bit of pictures to liven the post up a bit. As for advice on photography and editing software you can have a look at THIS post by Zoella for more information.

5) Enjoy Yourself 

Whether you’re just doing it as a hobby or attempting to make a full time career out of blogging make sure you’re having fun doing it. Blogging can become a really strenuous task if you’re not enjoying yourself, and it isn’t something you love.

I hope these were helpful, and if you have anything you’d like to add feel free to comment.


x Leah Symonne x


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