You know, at least with regard to technology.

We have come a long way in just a few years and here are 22 pictures that prove it.
Forget 2015, we are already in the future.

“Smart” glass becomes opaque when you close the lock.

Wheelchair itself can climb stairs.

Dustbin counts fall where garbage.

Hours write for you.

The amount of data is constantly increasing.

Flying drone. He will be there no matter where you were.

Appeared interactive advertising in the subway.

Application translates words in real time.

This is not exactly lightning fail.

Invented a device to dig trees.

Now you can move objects without touching them.

Portable printer.

Balancing the camera.

The ruler can measure the degree of slope.

Creates an invisible clay.

New features artificial parts of the body.

Drone delivers beer to the house.

The fan is powered by the heat of your hands.

Just keep that in mind. 1994 th against 2014.

We have to only wait for this thing.


What do you think ?