There are plenty of reasons to ask for a window seat. For starters you can lean on the window if you want to sleep, and you never have to get up for someone else! But it’s what’s outside of that window that is most compelling.

The world is a wonderful place, one that looks entirely different from above. From sunrises and sunsets to landscapes, cityscapes and all kinds of cloud formations in between; there’s beauty out there as far as the eye can see.
Here are 20 reasons you should always ask for a window seat.

See the storm from the side.

Learn what it looks like top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

So looks mysteriously reflected in Lake Michigan Chicago.

Stunning views! Kaieteur Falls, Guyana.

There are much closer to the solar eclipse.

How to look beautiful windmills in the mountains of Greece.

Wildfire impressive.

That is why Norway is considered so beautiful.

Majestic mountain ranges at a glance.

Sunset striking new colors.

Frozen lake from a height similar to an icy puddle. The difference is in scale – makes you wonder.

Night St. Petersburg. The city goes to sleep, and you’re flying.

We can estimate the historical places in a new light. Prambanan temple, Indonesia.

You can see the river through the sea of ​​clouds.

The real Fuji above the clouds.

Mount Rainier.

Between two blankets of clouds.

Train in the Kazakh steppes. Just so beautiful.

Like lace. River in the Amur region.

Well, It’s not always that excited like the previous images, but good to know what can happen as well :).

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