Many of us had a favourite soft toy when we were kids which we just couldn’t bare to part with wherever we went and whatever we did. Well, it seems that in some cases, the same mindset develops among our beloved pets — give them a toy when they’re still very young, and they’ll love it with all their heart for innumerable years into the future.

Here are 20 examples of this heart-warming phenomenon. We can barely cope with this much cuteness!


He can’t fall asleep without his friend.


He’s been hugging his favourite duck every night for a year and a half.


This little puppy soon outgrew his favourite bear toy, but that didn’t stop him loving it!

Carrie Molina

The past vs. the present.

Dmitry Gudkov

He grew up in order to one day be able to chew on his favourite orange crocodile.


Already inseparable for nine months!


Mayo and his lion in photos taken one year apart.


Both cat and toy have changed beyond all recognition over the past year and a half…

Kristine Rivera

Time has no effect on this little doggy. You can’t say the same for his toy, though!


This cat has refused to swap his toy for another for more than four years!


Saying goodbye to your childhood is not something everyone can face up to.


The love between these two has lasted seven years!

Sheena Villarraga

She sleeps so contentedly when she has her frog by her side.


This dog tears and gnaws at virtually every toy he’s given — with this one exception.


I’ll never give him up!

Anna Nicoară

Remi and his favourite ball.

Małgorzata Florczyk

He gave up his wicker basket for a cardboard box, but his taste in toys hasn’t changed.


Blue toys are the best!

Ania Uchnast

She plays cat and mouse — every day.


Let it get a bit shabby-looking — I’ll love it all the same!

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