Ah, celebrity doppelgängers: There are the freakishly similar (like Kesha and Taylor Momsen), the ones with the same facial features (check out Fergie and Ellen Pompeo), and even the somewhat odd (who knew Lady Gaga could resemble shredded cheese?) And then there are those whose look-alikes were created by the Walt Disney Company. We’ve rounded up the best 15 celebrity/Disney doppelgängers for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below!

Justin Bieber: Peter Pan (‘Peter Pan’)

Craig Barritt, Getty Images/YouTube

Amanda Seyfried: Rapunzel (‘Tangled’)

Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images/YouTube

Zayn Malik: Aladdin (‘Aladdin’)

Kevin Winter, Getty Images/YouTube

Nicki Minaj: Cruella de Vil (’101 Dalmations’)

Neilson Barnard, Getty Images/YouTube

Shay Mitchell: Pocahontas (‘Pocahontas’)

David Becker, Getty Images/YouTube
Kelly Osbourne: Mad Madam Mim (‘The Sword in the Stone’)
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images/YouTube

Russell Brand: Captian Hook (‘Peter Pan’)

Chris Jackson, Getty Images/YouTube

Ashley Benson: Alice (‘Alice in Wonderland’)

John Sciulli, Getty Images/YouTube

 Wilford Brimley: The King (‘Cinderella’)

Bryan Bedder, Getty Images/YouTube

Michelle Williams: Tinkerbell (‘Peter Pan’)

Ian Gavan, Getty Images/YouTube

Vanessa Williams: Esmerelda (‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’)

Jemal Countess, Getty Images/YouTube

Danny DeVito: Phil (‘Hercules’)

Bryan Bedder, Getty Images/YouTube

It’s no surprise that Danny DeVito looks so much like Phil — he voiced the character, whose looks were modeled after his own.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice: Anastasia and Drizella (‘Cinderella’)

Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images/YouTube

Sebastian Bach: Prince Adam (‘Beauty and the Beast’)

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images/YouTube

Kim Kardashian: Princess Jasmine (‘Aladdin’)

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images/YouTube

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