We love our cats and dogs, especially when they can make a not-so-fun activity (like cleaning) more bearable. So when we came across Adorable Animals Helping like the little kitty who couldn’t wait to dust, we were reminded of all the times our furry friends appeared to be trying to pitch in with housework.

Whether they’re just keeping us company while we do laundry or even holding the dust pan when we sweep (now that’s kind of impressive), we appreciate our furry friends helping out–opposable thumbs or not. Check out these 15 adorable animals acting like humans by lending a hand with chores.

Do not worry, I’m from the tech support. I’ll fix this!

Wait, we can do it together!

Adorable Animals Helping

So it’s time to plant potatoes.

Adorable Animals Helping

Adorable Animals Helping

You’ll see, I was promoted to captain.

Adorable Animals Helping

You keep an eye on him, and I’ll bring diapers

Adorable Animals Helping

I’m tired, now it’s your turn.

Adorable Animals Helping

We have a great economy, we have to help.

You’re cleaning the floors and i wipe over.

And here you find the answer! Got it!?

We’re such s great duo!

And again, I forgot the milk.

Let me show you the easer way!

“I just love my job! So creative …”

You have to Push Just A Little Bit More!

Eat – but don’t forget to wash the dishes.

I hope you enjoyed with these 15 Adorable Animals Helping With Housework

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